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Our Goal

The goal of the East Coast Leafs organization is to put forth a program in which players will be provided with an atmosphere of growth and development. We are fully dedicated to the advancement of your child as a hockey player and as a human being, and will educate, instruct, and challenge them to be the very best that they can be. One of the guiding principles in establishing the East Coast Leafs, was to emulate the success of our marquee program, the Boston Advantage. Our philosophy is to place a primary focus on the development of each player both skill-wise, and as a whole. Our Leafs will be taught what it takes to be a team player, and will be pushed to their limits in order to further them as hockey players.

About the Leafs

Our program prides itself on many different characteristics that separate us from other programs, but none more important than the skills training that each player will receive. Skill development sessions will be run by the staff of Lovell Hockey, which is second to none in the New England area. Our approach is that each player is different, and should be instructed as such. Weekly Practice Sessions: Each team will receive 2 practices which will be primarily run out of our home rink in Hopedale. These practices will be conducted by the coaching staff of each team, and will place a primary focus on player development as well as teamwork.

Leafs Bantam Team...Valley League Champions

We would like to congratulate our 2020-2021 Bantam team on their victory and winning of the Valley League Championship.

In a season that was a challenging one with COVID and the restrictions we all faced the Bantam team prevailed and brought home the championship!

Thank you to all players and families of the Leafs organization for your patience, diligence, and cooperation this past season.  

One Family...Leafs Hockey!!



The Boston Advantage and  Lovell Hockey are proud to announce that TWO of our U12 Girls Teams have been ranked in the top 20 of My Hockey National Rankings.  With the Golden Seals be ranked #3 and the Fighting Crabs ranked #12.   This is a great achievement by these girls and the coaching staff of both teams.  Congratulations and keep up the great work!!!

To read the full article on the BHL E9 website visit here!

Stay safe hockey family!!

    East Coast Leafs

    The East Coast Leafs offer teams at the Mite - Midget level, playing in the  Valley League out of the Blackstone Valley IcePlex in Hopedale, MA.

    The Valley Hockey League is a league that consists of numerous local teams that uses an incredible parity system to ensure a level playing field throughout the season.  The schedule allows the teams and players to maximize improvement by playing games that are competitive.  The schedule also continually evolves to ensure a level playing field throughout the season all the while limiting travel.


    East Coast Leafs